The Banking & Financial Transactions Practice Team is one of the most comprehensive and experienced practice groups at Lippes Mathias, aggregating bank and borrower-side expertise and providing an invaluable tool for lenders and borrowers alike. For commercial banks and other institutional lenders, including mezzanine funds and private lenders, our attorneys aid lenders in their transactional pursuits from the commitment phase through and after closing, including structuring loans, negotiating loan and security documents and managing risk. For businesses and other borrowers, our experience with all facets of financial transactions allows us to provide a unique perspective that is useful for loan selection, capital allocation and debt management. Because of our expertise, our attorneys are able to navigate the full spectrum of financial services to keep our clients on solid ground and grow their business in the future.

  • Mezzanine and Lien Loan Transactions
  • SBA Loans
  • Syndicated Loan Transactions
  • Trade Finance
headshot of team member Helen S. Atter
Helen S. Atter Partner 904.660.0020 x1553
headshot of team member Brian J. Bocketti
Brian J. Bocketti Partner | Executive Committee | Team Co-Leader - Banking & Financial Transactions 716.853.5100 x1278
headshot of team member Jillian E. Deck
Jillian E. Deck Partner | Team Co-Leader - Banking & Financial Transactions 716.853.5100 x1376
headshot of team member Jonathan D.  Deily
Jonathan D. Deily Senior Counsel 518.462.0110 x1457
headshot of team member Raymond L. Fink
Raymond L. Fink Partner | Team Co-Leader - Financial Restructuring & Insolvency 716.853.5100 x1344
headshot of team member Mark D.  Glastetter
Mark D. Glastetter Senior Counsel 518.462.0110 x1458
headshot of team member Megan N.  Ha
Megan N. Ha Associate 332.345.4500 x1815
headshot of team member Thomas J. Keable
Thomas J. Keable Partner | Team Leader - Canada-U.S. Cross Border 716.218.7563
headshot of team member William E. Mathias II
William E. Mathias II Senior Counsel 716.853.5100 x1228
headshot of team member John A. Mueller
John A. Mueller Partner | Team Co-Leader - Financial Restructuring & Insolvency 716.853.5100 x1383
headshot of team member Helen  Osgood
Helen Osgood Partner 646.673.8633 x1234
headshot of team member Michael R.  Overmyer
Michael R. Overmyer Partner 585.770.7590 x1801
headshot of team member Matthew R. Palmieri
Matthew R. Palmieri Partner 716.853.5100 x1244
headshot of team member Brad F. Randaccio
Brad F. Randaccio Partner 716.853.5100 x1265
headshot of team member Mitchell J. Ream
Mitchell J. Ream Associate 716.853.5100 x1223
headshot of team member Bethany Ray Reichard
Bethany Ray Reichard Partner 904.660.0020 x1536
headshot of team member John D. Rodgers
John D. Rodgers Senior Counsel 518.462.0110 x1441
headshot of team member Matthew D.  Stern
Matthew D. Stern Counsel 210.436.6222 x1590
headshot of team member Joann Sternheimer
Joann Sternheimer Partner | Team Co-Leader - Automotive & Truck Finance 518.462.0110 x1440
headshot of team member Christopher A. Walker
Christopher A. Walker Office Partner-in-Charge, Jacksonville 904.660.0020 x1501
headshot of team member Alan S. Wexler
Alan S. Wexler Senior Counsel 716.853.5100
headshot of team member Aaron O. Whyte
Aaron O. Whyte Associate 904.660.0020 x1518
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