Recent efforts to permit and promote the growth of cannabis-based industries have resulted in a complicated federal, state and local regulatory structure. While the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 is likely to lessen the restrictions on production and interstate commerce of hemp based products (including CBD), the interplay between federal and state regulations is complex and new regulations will take time to be implemented. Federal criminal risk and associated legal complications remain significant issues despite legalization of medical marijuana or adult use “recreational” marijuana. In this context, businesses operating and investing in these sectors will have challenging regulatory compliance burdens and face evolving legal risks. Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman’s Cannabis Practice Team offers clients a broad range of legal and Federal/State lobbying and advocacy services, as well as  expertise to help clients understand and navigate the complex and changing regulatory climate in order to take advantage of new opportunities, and structure and conduct their business in alignment with best practices and within the confines of the various state and regulatory schemes.  

We also offer services to support cannabis industry businesses and investors in Canada whose executives, managers, board members and employees are entering the U.S., which can create challenges based on U.S. federal law.

Our team can provide legal services on the following areas impacted in the growth, cultivation, processing, distribution, marketing, transportation, and sale of cannabis products, including:

  • Private offerings
  • State license applications
  • State, local and federal regulatory compliance
  • Real estate and leasing matters
  • Banking law compliance
  • Entity formation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity investments
  • Indian tribe matters
  • Government investigations and securities enforcement
  • Manufacturing, sale, and licensing of processing equipment
  • Intellectual property, including trademark matters where appropriate
  • Government relations
  • Franchising
  • Employment law matters, including workplace policies
  • Immigration, cross-border and import/export restrictions
headshot of team member Scott V. Carroll
Scott V. Carroll Partner | Team Co-Leader - Health Care 716.853.5100 x1368
headshot of team member Hon. Carol E. Heckman (Ret.)
Hon. Carol E. Heckman (Ret.) Partner | Team Co-Leader - Indian Law 716.853.5100 x1268
headshot of team member Thomas B. Hughes
Thomas B. Hughes Senior Associate | Team Co-Leader - Cannabis 716.853.5100 x1325
headshot of team member Elizabeth M. Klarin
Elizabeth M. Klarin Partner 716.853.5100 x1288
headshot of team member Jason Little
Jason Little Partner 518.462.0110 x1442
headshot of team member Christian M. Lovelace
Christian M. Lovelace Partner | Team Leader - Franchising & Licensing; Team Leader - Asset Receivable Management 716.853.5100 x1222
headshot of team member Gregory T.  Measer
Gregory T. Measer Associate 716.853.5100 x1254
headshot of team member Lee M. Redeye
Lee M. Redeye Counsel 716.853.5100 x1382
headshot of team member Michael G. Rossetti
Michael G. Rossetti Office Partner-in-Charge, Washington, D.C. | Team Co-Leader - Indian Law | Team Co-Leader – State Attorneys General and Government Investigations 202.888.7610 x1601
headshot of team member Joseph W. Schafer
Joseph W. Schafer Associate 716.853.5100 x1394
headshot of team member Richard M. Scherer, Jr.
Richard M. Scherer, Jr. Partner | Team Leader - Business & Commercial Litigation 716.218.7598
headshot of team member Ryan V.  Stearns
Ryan V. Stearns Partner | Team Co-Leader - Cannabis 716.853.5100 x1364
headshot of team member Scott E.  Thompson
Scott E. Thompson Partner | Team Co-Leader - Intellectual Property 646.673.8633 x1459
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