Trademarks and service marks create exclusive brand recognition in names, logos, symbols and other designs, sounds, and even smells that identify a product or service. Lippes Mathias attorneys assist clients with implementing trademark strategies to grow and protect their brand allowing them to become widely recognized in their industries.

Our experience includes a wide range of industries, including fast moving consumer products,  financial services, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, cannabis, software and technology, professional sports teams, food and restaurant service, fashion, and traditional manufacturing.

To help you safeguard your trademarks and service marks, we:

  • Counsel on global trademark search, selection, design, and use
  • Prepare, file, and prosecute global trademark applications through to registration, maintenance and renewal 
  • Render opinions concerning trademark infringement
  • Protect and enforce trademarks through proceedings  in U.S. Federal Courts, state courts, foreign courts, and national and international  administrative offices
  • Manage trademark portfolios to maximize strategic value

We work closely with our clients to understand and anticipate their specific business trademark needs and develop strategies and solutions that protect and maximize the value of their trademarks and brand.

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