Since the financial crisis of 2008, businesses, not-for-profit organizations and even government officials have faced increased scrutiny from federal and state law enforcement and regulatory agencies. 

Lippes Mathias’ Government & State Attorneys General Investigations Team provides a unique skill set to clients who are under scrutiny through government investigations, internal investigations, government audits, regulatory compliance, and white collar investigations. The Team is led by Dennis C. Vacco, former New York State Attorney General who argued successfully before the United States Supreme Court and who is also a former United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, and Michael G. Rossetti, former Chief Deputy of the office of the Attorney General of New York and former counselor to the Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior. Their extensive government experience coupled with that of the other Team members provides our clients with unique representation in state and federal investigations because of the sophisticated understanding of the nuances involved in an investigation, and how to build strong and successful defense strategies.  Government investigators respect and trust our Team members because of our former law enforcement experience at the highest levels of government.

Throughout the United States, we have represented corporations, individuals, executives, and government officials, in myriad industries, including financial, not-for-profit, healthcare, municipal, manufacturing, and commercial development, among others. Our Team comprises attorneys from our litigation, corporate, healthcare, and intellectual property practices, providing clients with a comprehensive team that is experienced in solving complex regulatory issues and helping companies develop and implement best practices that will protect their businesses from the outset.  

Our regulatory counseling and litigation attorneys assist clients in resolving high-stakes civil and criminal enforcement actions, both before they go to court and once they are in active litigation, and we are well-versed in structuring compliance plans for our business clients to help mitigate future issues and avoid costly litigation. 

Our attorneys assist businesses in conducting internal and independent investigations and witness interviews; preparing investigative reports; establishing compliance programs; responding to requests for information, search warrants, subpoenas, and civil investigative demands (CIDs); and also providing representation during grand jury investigations and criminal trials. We also provide counseling to defendants or targets in civil and criminal investigations to ensure that they have experienced and effective representation.

State Attorneys General 
The role of State Attorneys General has become more relevant to companies than ever before.  State Attorneys General have the broad authority to launch investigations and actions against businesses, individuals, charities and non-profit entities. This means that potential targets of investigations by State Attorneys General need experienced legal representation, ideally by attorneys who are intimately familiar with the strategic thinking and practices of State Attorneys General. Our experienced Team is led by Dennis C. Vacco, former New York State Attorney General, and Michael G. Rossetti, former Chief Deputy to the Attorney General of New York State.  

We have represented clients who were targets of a single state attorney general investigation, and we are also experienced in managing the intricacies of complex multi-state investigations where several State Attorneys General concentrate their resources on a common target.  This experience is rooted in the involvement of Mr. Vacco and Mr. Rossetti who both played an active and important role negotiating the landmark multistate tobacco settlement. In that multi-state investigation, Mr. Rossetti served as one of the lead government negotiators.  During his tenure as Attorney General of the State of New York, Mr. Vacco led several high-profile investigations, including the multi-state anti-trust case against Microsoft.   

Additionally, outside of the context of investigations, because of our unique experience, long-standing relationships, and deep knowledge of State Attorneys General priorities, we can assist our clients in engaging with State Attorneys General to establish public private partnerships where possible. Our attorneys have developed a strong, national network of contacts who can be engaged when needed to help advance a client’s legitimate business-directed mission. 

Our attorneys regularly assist international clients, particularly companies headquartered in Israel, with U.S. legal and regulatory matters.  In 2018, Lippes Mathias formally aligned with an Israeli law firm, Kan-Tor & Acco, to assist Israeli companies and individuals with U.S. civil matters, government investigations, SEC matters, and immigration matters.  

Team Leaders, Dennis C. Vacco and Michael G. Rossetti, travel several times a year to Israel to assist clients, participate in speaking engagements, and provide media outlets with U.S. insights.   

We understand the distractions and strain that a governmental investigation or enforcement action can cause and our Team stands ready to help your company navigate through the difficult and unfamiliar process.  We have a strong track record of resolving governmental investigations on favorable terms, but are fully prepared to fight when necessary and in our client’s best interest. We stand with our clients every step of the way. 
headshot of team member Scott S. Allen, Jr.
Partner | Team Leader- Agriculture
headshot of team member Scott V. Carroll
Partner | Team Co-Leader - Health Care
headshot of team member Hon. Carol E. Heckman (Ret.)
Partner | Team Co-Leader - Indian Law | Team Leader- Alternative Dispute Resolution
headshot of team member Michael G. Rossetti
Office Partner-in-Charge, Washington, D.C. | Team Co-Leader - Indian Law | Team Co-Leader – Government & State Attorneys General Investigations
headshot of team member Dennis C. Vacco
Partner | Executive Committee | Co-Team Leader - Government & State Attorneys General Investigations
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