Copyrights protect original creative expressions through artistic, written, musical, architectural, audiovisual, and digital works. A copyright grants the holder exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and sell their work for a limited time, but navigating complex copyright issues can be difficult without an experienced attorney.
Our full-spectrum copyright practice covers traditional media, music, and art, as well as emerging digital formats. Our professionals have degrees in computer science and other relevant technical fields, paired with a deep understanding of copyright law. As evolving technologies change the way people publish ideas, our attorneys remain on the leading edge of copyright law to protect and defend our clients.
Our attorneys represent writers, composers, entertainers, professional athletes, content providers, retailers, architects, software developers and more. We have experience helping clients:
  • Create and negotiate copyright licenses and agreements
  • Conduct copyright searches and analysis
  • Register for copyrights
  • Enforce copyrights through litigation and dispute resolution
  • Manage copyright portfolios to maximize strategic value
By understanding each client’s unique needs, we apply our practical experience and technical acumen to develop effective copyright strategies to protect your ownership of copyrighted works in whichever medium they are in so you can maximize the value of your copyrighted works. 
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