“A leader’s lasting value is measured by successor.” [John C. Maxwell] We help our family-owned businesses, closely-held businesses and partnerships adapt to change, resolve conflicts and stimulate business growth through innovative strategies and people-focused solutions, structuring them for long-term (generational) success. From succession planning, teambuilding, leadership coaching, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution and philanthropy to family therapy, our focus on qualitative and quantitative metrics help our clients find practical and realistic strategies to address their business and personal challenges.

We help leaders craft succession plans that address all aspects of succession, including buy-sell agreements, company and family governance documents, family charters and employment policies.

Our attorneys regularly assist clients with debt and equity financings—whether straightforward or a complex capital stack.

We have a deeply experienced bench of M&A attorneys who are adept at handling all aspects of any sale transaction—from strategic deals, cross-border transactions, divestitures and spin-offs, strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions, to licenses and joint ventures.

Our Trusts & Estates team of creative planners and tax advisors will ensure your estate plan meets your goals. Our attorneys can help you with everything from drafting a straightforward power of attorney to meeting with you and your financial team to develop an aggressive and tailored tax planning strategy.

Our tax attorneys focus on federal income and estate tax matters, representing individuals, private companies and others with respect to transactional tax and tax planning, as well as trust and estate tax issues.
headshot of team member Christina H. Arthurs
Christina H. Arthurs Counsel carthurs@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1378
headshot of team member Scott E. Friedman
Scott E. Friedman Partner | Team Co-Leader Startups & Venture Capital | Team Co-Leader - Family Business sfriedman@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1231
headshot of team member John J. Koeppel
John J. Koeppel Partner | Team Leader - Private Equity jkoeppel@lippes.com 716.262.9330
headshot of team member Christian M. Lovelace
Christian M. Lovelace Partner | Team Leader - Franchising & Licensing; Team Leader - Asset Receivable Management clovelace@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1222
headshot of team member Brendan J. Rich
Brendan J. Rich Partner | Team Leader - Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions brich@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1240
headshot of team member Amy Habib Rittling
Amy Habib Rittling Partner | Team Leader - Employment ahabibrittling@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1276
headshot of team member Eliza P. Shea
Eliza P. Shea Senior Associate eshea@lippes.com 872.254.5500 x1281
headshot of team member David E. Siegfeld
David E. Siegfeld Partner | Team Leader - Trusts & Estates dsiegfeld@lippes.com 518.462.0110 x1425
headshot of team member Andrea H. Vossler
Andrea H. Vossler Partner | Team Co-Leader - Startups & Venture Capital | Team Co-Leader - Family Business avossler@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1270
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