Perspective. It’s one of the most important elements to successful family businesses. Our experience gives us the ability to look at organizations as both a business initiative and a family endeavor. Our nationally recognized strategies are designed to create a culture where family members flourish as individuals and collaborate constructively as partners so they can run a business prosperously – from generation to generation. Our professionals address family and structural issues that can impact the many facets of a family business through our holistic planning program that incorporates psychology and management consulting.

Focus Areas:
  •  Family Relationships
  • Sibling Teams
  • Women in Family Business
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Operations Support
  • Family Business Governance
headshot of team member Christina H. Arthurs
Christina H. Arthurs Counsel 716.853.5100 x1378
headshot of team member Scott E. Friedman
Scott E. Friedman Chairman | Partner | Team Leader - Family Business 716.853.5100 x1231
headshot of team member John J. Koeppel
John J. Koeppel Partner | Team Leader - Private Equity 716.262.9330 x1228
headshot of team member Christian M. Lovelace
Christian M. Lovelace Partner | Team Leader - Franchising & Licensing; Co-Leader - Asset Receivable Management & Consumer Financial Services 716.853.5100 x1222
headshot of team member Brendan J. Rich
Brendan J. Rich Partner | Team Leader - Corporate & Securities and Mergers & Acquisitions 716.853.5100 x1240
headshot of team member Amy Habib Rittling
Amy Habib Rittling Partner | Team Leader - Labor & Employment 716.853.5100 x1276
headshot of team member Richard M. Scherer, Jr.
Richard M. Scherer, Jr. Partner 716.218.7598
headshot of team member Eliza Friedman  Shea
Eliza Friedman Shea Senior Associate 872.254.5500 x1281
headshot of team member David E. Siegfeld
David E. Siegfeld Partner | Team Leader - Trusts & Estates 518.869.9500 x1425
headshot of team member Andrea H. Vossler
Andrea H. Vossler Partner | Co-leader - Startups & Venture Capital 716.853.5100 x1270
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