The financial technology (“FinTech”) industry has exploded to the forefront of personal and commercial finance in the twenty first century.  More recently, the FinTech industry has been experiencing an enormous rise in investments and the continued surge in regulatory and technological advancement has been rapidly making the industry a complex environment to operate.

As the demand for new and innovative financial technology continues to grow, organizations will continue to require heightened regulatory guidance in areas such as banking, consumer protection, data privacy, and securities compliance.  That’s where we can assist.  Our attorneys have successfully advised clients in these areas for the past 50+ years and have built a great reputation for doing so. 

Lippes Mathias' FinTech Practice Team is deliberately comprised of multi-disciplinary attorneys in order to provide emerging and established clients in the FinTech space with a broad range of innovative, transactional, regulatory, and finance advice and counseling.   

In the FinTech arena, our team of attorneys assists clients with complex structured finance, securitization, fund formation and finance, consumer finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, leveraged and non-recourse finance, venture capital and private equity investment, intellectual property, and navigating regulatory, data, and cyber-security intricacies.  Our extensive capabilities equate to the ability of Lippes Mathias to provide cutting edge counsel to a variety of clients ranging from those launching a start-up to large organizations, including: 

  • Asset receivable management companies
  • Start-up and emerging growth companies using e-payment systems
  • Payment and payment processing companies 
  • Retailers 
  • Transactions processors and software developers 
  • Banking and financial services institutions 
  • Credit card providers and processors
  • Financial and banking data analysis firms
  • Healthcare payment solutions companies
headshot of team member John J. Koeppel
Partner | Team Leader - Private Equity | Team Leader- Independent Sponsor
headshot of team member Christian M. Lovelace
Partner | Team Leader - Franchising & Licensing; Team Leader - Asset Receivable Management
headshot of team member Andrea H. Vossler
Partner | Team Co-Leader - Startups & Venture Capital | Team Co-Leader - Family Business
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