Whether as a property owner, or when buying, selling, financing, or developing a property, the presence of contamination introduces unique considerations concerning liability, remediation obligations, potential regulatory enforcement and penalties, and diminished property value. 
Our team of lawyers and environmental engineers regularly work with our clients to assess and address potential risks and liabilities associated with hazardous wastes and other environmental contaminants based upon our technical environmental knowledge and experience with the federal and state laws and regulations that govern investigation, evaluation, and remediation of contaminants in the environment. 
 We also help our clients navigate the legal issues and challenges—and potential opportunities presented—by redeveloping brownfields. We have significant expertise on the laws and regulations that govern brownfield redevelopment, including state voluntary cleanup programs. With a former NYSDEC Regional Remediation Engineer that administered New York’s Brownfields Cleanup Program as part of our team, we supplement our legal guidance with technical and practical advice on liability concerns, cleanup requirements, the feasibility of remediating property to standards appropriate for future site uses, and cost-effective remedial strategies. 
headshot of team member Al Carlacci
Senior Environmental Consultant, Air Permitting and Compliance
headshot of team member Ian A. Shavitz
Partner | Team Leader - Environment & Energy
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