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Artificial Intelligence
Lippes Mathias’ Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Practice Team has a finger on the pulse of AI’s rapidly expanding regulatory landscape, advising and supporting clients as boundaries are pushed and breakthroughs are made. While AI presents incredible opportunities for growth and innovation, it also presents challenges and risks, such as those surrounding compliance, privacy, unintended discrimination, and intellectual property. Our team leverages the firm’s depth of expertise in a variety of adjacent practice areas to counsel clients on AI use, governance, and the far-reaching impacts of the technology on all industries and sectors.

As one of the first law firms to feature a distinct practice team centered on AI, Lippes Mathias brings together a range of experienced attorneys offering a wide array of services to provide clarity for clients and help navigate the complexities of these new technologies while addressing concerns such as mitigation of potential legal exposure, response to regulatory inquiries, development of AI policies and ethical practices, and inclusion of AI considerations in transactional and intellectual property deals.

As AI technology and legal practice evolves, so do we. We can provide legal services in any of the following areas of law involved in the development, use, and regulation of artificial intelligence systems:

  • Employment (including all constitutional and statutory concerns)
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Governance and Regulation
  • Intellectual Property
  •  Litigation
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Transactions

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