Florida Attorneys Continue to Service Their Clients’ Trusts & Estates Needs

April 8, 2020 | Articles
As an advanced technology law firm, we still can meet with you face-to-face through video conferencing software to discuss your estate planning needs.

Our attorneys are here to ensure that you have an estate plan, including a declaration of health care surrogate and a durable power of attorney, in the event that you become ill and unable to manage your health care or financial decisions.  Currently, many hospitals are closed to visitors including spouses, relatives, and domestic partners, but medical providers need to make quick and important medical decisions regarding your care.  Therefore, it is important that you designate someone you trust to make medical decisions for you, possibly over video or telephone, if the need arises.  

An agent in a durable power of attorney has the authority to make financial decisions for you.  In the event you are incapacitated, this person can help you pay your bills and manage your financial affairs until you recover.  Without a declaration of health care surrogate or power of attorney in place, your decision maker could be left up to chance or worse; someone may need to petition a Court to appoint a guardian for you, which is expensive and time-consuming especially in the current climate.  Rest assured, if you do not have an estate plan in place, we can help you execute one.  Our attorneys are here to provide peace of mind.  We can still “meet” with you to discuss, review, and finalize your estate plan.  Please click here to view our process.

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