Partner Dennis C. Vacco Quoted in Spectrum News Article "NY Law Prevented AG James From Criminally Charging Cuomo"

August 6, 2021 | In The news

Partner and Former State Attorneys General, Dennis C. Vacco quoted in Spectrum News article "NY law prevented AG James from criminally charging Cuomo," explaining what law is holding back AG James. “The section that she was authorized to pursue this matter under gave her only civil enforcement authority,” Vacco said. “So while she could compel testimony by subpoenaing witnesses to come forward and she could compel production of documents and phone records, bank records, all of that, the end result of this report was what was always going to happen because she was not given prosecutorial authority. So that could be left up to the DAs that might be looking at her report, but it was not part of her responsibility here.” 

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