Dennis C. Vacco Quoted in New York Post Article "Ex-NY Prosecutors Tear Into Cuomo Over ‘Inappropriate’ Use of Staff for Book"

November 23, 2021 | In The news

Partner, Dennis C. Vacco weights in on the ex-governor Cuomo abuse of power with the use of staff to write his book.

 "calling his use of staff resources 'probably illegal.'

It’s highly inappropriate to use chamber staff to write a book when you are conveying to the public that they are working 24/7 to combat the pandemic,” said Vacco, a Republican who also served as the US attorney for Western New York. “It’s a slippery slope to go down the path of using government resources — even when claiming staffers are volunteers — when you are engaging in profit-making activity that only benefits you,’’ he said.

“The governor of the State of New York and his employees owe honest services to the people.”

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