Andrew M. Wilson Quoted in SHRM Article "Will USCIS Proposal to Redefine H-1B Qualifications Limit or Expand Eligibility?"

December 7, 2023 | In The news
Partner and Immigration Team Co-Leader, Andrew M. Wilson discussed H-1B qualifications and how employers will be affected in the latest SHRM Article. 

"This proposed rule allows that a specific specialty does not have to be a single field of study. It can be more than one field of study, as long as there is a direct relationship between the required degree field and the position. For example, the H-1B candidate can have a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering to qualify for a position as an engineer, as long as the degree fields can be directly related to the position." 
Wilson conceded that the burden of proof will be on the employer. "If you submit a candidate with multiple degrees, that is fine as long as it can be proven that all the degree fields relate to the position." 

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