Andrew M. Wilson Quoted in SHRM Article "USCIS Rescinds Memo on H-1B Visas for Computer Programmers"

February 9, 2021 | In The news
Lippes Mathias partner, Andrew M. Wilson is quoted in a SHRM article about computer programmers once again qualifying for H-1B visas. 

"This was not just a limited update on a 17-year-old policy memo, and it was not just about computer programmers," said Andrew Wilson, a partner at Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman and co-leader of the firm's Immigration Practice in Buffalo, N.Y. "The 2017 policy memo was about clarifying the meaning of specialty occupation to require a degree in a specific specialty field. It was about setting the groundwork to argue that a position that involves a Level 1 prevailing wage does not qualify as a specialty occupation. It was about trying to circumvent existing regulations and completely redefine specialty occupation criteria. So many H-1B RFEs since then can be traced back to what USCIS initially outlined in this memo."

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