Andrew M. Wilson, Quoted in SHRM Article "Proof of of COVID-19 Vaccination to Be Required at Canada, Mexico Borders"

October 18, 2021 | In The news

Partner, Andrew M. Wilson discusses the new Covid-19 rulings on the border crossing.  

"there has been confusion—especially for much of 2020—as to who could enter the U.S. and what activities qualified as essential.
In addition, the ability to fly over the border without restriction caused many to question the effectiveness of the policy. "Here at the border between Buffalo and Fort Erie, people have taken helicopter shuttles to fly into the U.S. to avoid the land-border travel ban," Wilson said. "People always ask how that makes sense. Why can someone fly into the U.S. but not drive across the border?" 

He added that the opening of the land border with Canada and Mexico will not have a huge impact on cross-border business travel or for employers managing talent across the border because "you could always fly into the U.S. from Canada or Mexico, and those with approved U.S. work status could always enter by land."

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