Andrew M. Wilson quoted in New York Times article "Undoing Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies Will Mean Looking at the Fine Print"

February 10, 2021 | In The news

Lippes Mathias Partner, Andrew M. Wilson, is quoted in a New York Times article that discusses the challenges President Biden’s administration faces in unraveling Former President Trump’s immigration changes.   
"On Oct. 2, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a new policy alert titled 'Inadmissibility Based on Membership in a Totalitarian Party.' Some immigration lawyers said the new policy appeared intended to discourage Chinese nationals from applying for permanent status by making it easier for them to be denied because of their membership in the Chinese Communist Party. 

 'Most Chinese nationals feel the need to enroll as a member of the Communist Party in order to have access to job opportunities and other resources in the country. Some feel it is an absolute must,' said Andrew Wilson, a lawyer in Buffalo. 'This is yet another subtle attempt to discourage individuals from pursuing permanent residency, and an attempt to change the law without ever changing the law.' ”

Click here to read the full article.

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