Scott E. Friedman

Publications (including):


  • Family Business and Positive Psychology: New Planning Strategies for the 21st Century
  • Secrets From The Delphi Café: Unlocking the Code to Happiness (co-author with Bob Rich, co-author)  
  • The Successful Family Business
  • How to Profit by Forming Your Own Limited Liability Company!
  • How to Run a Family Business (co-author with Michael Friedman)
  • The Law of Parent-Child Relationships
  • Sex Law: A Legal Sourcebook on Critical Sexual Issues

Journals include:

  • Advising Family Businesses in the 21st Century: An Introduction to “Stage 4 Planning” Strategies (with Andrea HusVar and Eliza Friedman) (upcoming, 2017)
  • The Application of Positive Psychology to Medical Groups (with Elad Levy, M.D.) (MGMA 2014)
  • The Application of Positive Psychology to Family Businesses (Family Business Magazine, Summer, 2010)
  • Bequeathing Your Most Important Assets: An introduction to Ethical Wills (Family Business Magazine, 2006)
  • A New, More Effective Planning Strategy for Family Businesses (Estate Planning, June, 1999)
  • Using LLCs to ‘Change the Game’ for Family Businesses, (Journal of Limited Liability Companies, 1998)
  • Estate Planning Vehicle of Choice for the 1990s: FLLC or FLP? (Journal of Limited Liability Companies, 1997)
  • The LLC and S Corporation: Choice of Entity Redux (New York State Bar Journal, 1997)
  • The Lowdown on LLCs (Delta Sky magazine, May, 1995).
  • Creative Uses of LLCs for Family Owned Businesses  (New York State Bar Journal, 1996.