Kristie E. Small
Senior Policy Advisor


Washington D.C. — 202.888.7610
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Kristie Small joined Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman as a Senior Policy Advisor after working on Capitol Hill for 14 years, where she earned a reputation for her responsiveness, effectiveness, and ability to turn ideas into results. Most recently, Ms. Small has focused on advancing significant legislation and appropriations, where her pragmatic approach to solving complex problems has allowed her to excel in her legislative advocacy.

She began her career as a Legislative Assistant with Rep. Robert A. Brady (PA-01), where she worked on labor, government reform and agriculture issues. After becoming Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Congressman Brady hired Ms. Small to serve as professional Committee staff for 12 years until Rep. Brady retired. During this tenure, she developed lasting relationships with members of Congress and staff on both sides of the aisle, training dozens of members, Chiefs of Staff, and senior staffers on legislative and House operations. She has extensive experience working with Majority Leadership in the House on numerous policy priorities and legislation.

Ms. Small played a critical role in implementing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Green the Capitol Initiative, overseeing the spending of $25 million on associated projects. She took significant steps to improve our environment, developing sustainability as well as energy efficiency projects for more than 50 Members of Congress. The Green the Capitol Initiative allowed the House of Representatives to lead by example, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

She was also instrumental in transforming the Capitol Power Plant to a cogeneration system, which provides power to 23 different federal facilities, including the Supreme Court and U.S. Capitol. The Architect of the Capitol has referred to this project as the single biggest contributor for reducing energy consumption and the overall carbon footprint of the Capitol complex, due to its increased use of renewable energy and fuel, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and improvement of air quality.


West Virginia University, B.A., Political Science