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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dennis Vacco to Highlight Mineral Rights in Tuesday Fracking Presentation

Hornell, N.Y. —

Local land and property owners will have an opportunity Feb. 12 to learn about their mineral rights related to hydrofracking from former New York state attorney general Dennis C. Vacco.

Vacco will host a free presentation, called “Your Land, Your Rights,” at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Hornell Comfort Inn, 1 Canisteo Square.

The presentation aims to prepare property owners for when the statewide ban on hydrofracking is lifted, which Vacco said is likely to happen.

"My goal is to provide information to property owners to better arm them for the eventual onslaught of agents for drilling and exploration companies when the state approves drilling," Vacco said.

According to Vacco, property owners should have a qualified attorney look at the leases drilling companies will ask them to sign and explain the positive and negative effects the leases may have.

“We want to help them get the maximum financial return, while also getting the maximum protection,” Vacco said.

He said he also hopes to stress how important it is for property owners to know exactly what they would be signing up for if they allow drilling on their property.

"The agents that will knock on property owners' doors represent the drilling or exploration companies,” Vacco said. “The leases they will have are drafted in the best interest of the company, and not in the best interest of property and land owners.”

Vacco will deliver the presentation as an attorney with Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP, but said he brings additional expertise from his work as attorney general, and as a land owner with first-hand practical knowledge of the process.