Just because your need is outside the scope of law,
doesn’t mean it’s outside the scope of our experience.


Our experience extends well beyond the purview of law. To give our clients access to the full benefits of that experience, we have created consulting services for various specialized industries. It’s a way for clients to maximize the full breadth of our know-how to their very best advantage.


Family Business Consulting

Our goal is to help families in business together understand and successfully navigate the complexities of working together by establishing a culture based on authentic collaboration, "fit," and rational working governance structures that accommodates both family and business interests.

Our experienced team has years of experience in studying and working with family businesses. And even being part of them. Our family business advisors have developed an integrated program that includes a new assessment (The Family Business Scorecard) that is based on their experience and informed by cutting edge new insights from disciplines like positive psychology and organizational development. LMWF family business advisors have published books and articles and regularly conduct seminars and speak on these subjects.

For more information on how the LMWF Family Business Consulting Group can work hand in hand with your existing professional advisors to create a culture that allows the family business to flourish and, in doing so, avoid common "family business problems," contact either Scott Friedman or Amy Habib Rittling.


Women’s Business Consulting

LMWF works with women entrepreneurs offering advice on how to secure certifications establishing the business as "women owned," identifying smart and achievable business goals and milestones, organizing your business to avoid risk of liability, helping to identify strategies to keep your business growing, and optimizing personnel and team performance.

Our highly effective team draws on expertise in law, business, management, finance and psychology and understands the gender-related challenges and opportunities that can help make your Woman Owned Business a success.

For more Information, contact Andrea H. HusVar.

Government Affairs Consulting

LMWF provides consulting in several areas including government affairs, legislative analysis, and political strategy development. With the ever-changing regulatory mandates placed on businesses, your company needs the right government affairs consultant who understands the legal and political environment in Albany, other state capitals and Washington, D.C. Our experienced associates have professional relationships with elected and appointed officials which can help facilitate meaningful discussions on an issue by issue basis. One of our government affairs professionals at LMWF is the former New York State Attorney General. Our team knows how laws and policy are made, and the dynamics behind who is making them. We can provide introductions with the appropriate elected officials. Most importantly, our consulting team can educate, advocate, circumnavigate and identify legitimate legal issues and business opportunities with the ultimate goal of growing your business. If and when legal issues do arise, you want to be sure a lawyer and compliance officer stand ready to help.

For more Information, contact Dennis Vacco, Partner.